Dave’s Dime - April, 2020

During these unprecedented times, you can rely on the experience and service Dave Little and the Three Square Market team can provide.  Dave  is  on  lock  down  but  that  doesn’t  mean  he  can’t  help  or  share  his  expertise.    Watch Dave’s VLog for his latest Dave’s Dime.

Dave's Dime - March 2020: Stay successful!

This is not the time to sit back.....

 In this time of uncertainty, there is never more a time to push the gas pedal down for the need for markets and expanding your product line within your stores.  With the hysteria that has gripped America, the fear of public spaces bring opportunity to say to potential clients "now is the time to act" and to further shift consumer buying habits by bringing more product offerings to your current locations.  

First and foremost, myself and the entire Three Square Market team want to ensure that our partners and their families are safe and healthy.  We all need to be proactive and keep a positive attitude and keep our businesses moving forward.....we can not allow, although a very serious situation with the Coronavirus, to bring our businesses to a complete halt. We will all need our businesses to be strong during this time and as the world returns to normal, set for success.

Now is the time to evaluate your product offerings and what new products can we bring in that have not been offered before now. Hand sanitizer, wipes etc. Bring in bulk products, Milk, full cases of products, add toiletries and more that your customers can take home and stock up on. This will keep them from making multiple trips to many locations for those exact products.

I want to further say that myself and the whole team at Three Square Market are working and are here to help in any way we can. Please ensure that when it is all said and done, that you and your family are safe and remain healthy but also stay on top of things so when this situation, although not something that any of us expected to be going through, is over we will be prepared to grow and maintain our business for the livelihood of all of us.


dave’s dime - february 2020


It has been a record start to 2020.  We asked Dave Little some questions and here are his answers on the latest about 32M, the market and more.

Where do you see markets the next few years?

I think people are growing tired at times of me discussing it but it is all in the public facing sector.  Malls, apartments, condos and more.   We like to say “we are bringing retail to where you live, work and play”.  Look around you .... that is the future of self pay.    What  I  am  MOST  proud  of  in  my  time  in  this  industry  and  our  company  is  leading change  in  our  industry.    It  was  one  thing  for  our  industry  to  re-invent  itself  a  decade  ago.    It  is  another  to  change  the  industry  entirely  from  being  in  a  limited  arena  to  an  endless  avenue  of  growth.

It’s been a record start to the year - why?

I like to keep things light and could say “lots of sales”.  Why are we getting lots of sales? If I could point to one thing it would be this: Clients after years of working on it, are using technology at the highest level and seeing per stores sales jump nearly 19% in a year.  

What do you think flipped the switch?

At our User Conference last summer, we focused on sales per employee.  Did you know the number?  95% of the attendees did not.  We worked with operators after this meeting and every conversation for those engaged at the meeting centered around this and the results have flowed since.

What made the biggest impact to jump those numbers?

Running specials and combos.  You have to invest the time to do it.  A lot of people say “I don’t have time”.  My response was “tell me something that you are doing today that will impact your business more than what I am coaching you to do”.  The operators that took my challenge have reaped the rewards nearly 20%.

What is your favorite new product to discuss?

The 34 coolers - they are sharp and big and those two facts alone make your market jump.  Between the black on black interior, the full glass door and the lighting, your product stands out and always looks full.  Plus, combine the appearance with the ability to service the location 2-3 times less monthly and having more of the best sellers on hand, this is a game changer for operators at a nominal increase vs. a standard single door cooler.  

Dave  Little  covers  the  Western  U.S.  and  Canada.    Dave  has  been  a  life-long  entrepreneur  and  brings  his  30+  years  of  expertise  to  every  client  he  works  with.    Dave,  his  wife  and  kids  live  in  Scottsdale,  AZ.    You  can  reach  Dave  by  calling  833-32MARKET  or  by  e-mail:  davel@32market.com.    

Dave’s Dime - January 2020

Self Pay is everywhere

Are there Self Pay opportunities that you are missing? Opportunities that you drive by daily?  The answer is yes.      I  hope your year is off to a great start.

I would like to schedule a time to speak with you about growing your Self Pay locations this year. 

We have been helping many vending, food service operators and others take their business to a whole new level in Self Pay convenience locations. It's not just the typical break room locations that we are looking at for Micro Markets anymore but condos, apartments, hotels, and yes we are putting in completely unmanned  Self Pay convenience stores in "brick and mortar" mall locations across the United States and beyond.

In fact, I believe that you will see Self Pay kiosks in every industry imagined within the not so distant future. If you have tangible products that you sell, there is an opportunity to sell those products through a Self Pay kiosk at any location.

Myself, as well as the rest of the Sales team at Three Square Market, are taking steps to assist our partners in growing their business, using our industry leading Three Square Market - Self Pay solutions.    I am scheduling calls and visits over the next several days, weeks and months and would like to get a few minutes to discuss the opportunities with you as well.

Please contact me by phone, text or email - I will respond within 24 hours. 

Contact our Sales Team today.....let's find out what myself and the team at Three Square Market can do to grow your revenue in 2020, using the Self Pay products and solutions from Three Square Market!


Dave’s Dime 12/20/19 - the value of time

What is your time worth?

You are a Vending Operator and you are busy as can be but your revenue doesn't seem to go up...Are you wasting your time on accounts that aren't bringing you the revenue your time deserves? Is that minimal person vending account worth the time? The money you spent on that one vending machine, you could have invested in a 32M self pay market.

2019 is coming to an end, 2020 is right around the corner and you haven't reached the goals that you set out to do at the beginning of the year... you are busy but your bottom line revenues haven't changed a bit this year. You are thinking what can I change? What can I do differently to ensure my goals are met in 2020? Suggestion:   "Three Square Market Self Pay locations" would be a great starting point.....

I am  here to help you grow your business. Lets increase your bottom line revenue in 2020,  not just from using the great products and solutions that Three Square Market produces and sells. But also using my business knowledge and experiences to help grow your business. I have helped many of our valued Three Square Market Partners in 2019 pitch new accounts and gain some very great accounts. I also have looked at some accounts to determine if an account is worth the time or assist them in saying "that account is just not worth your time" and suggested that they move on. 

I entered the sales arena many years ago, to make money of course but I do enjoy assisting and seeing our business partners successfully grow not just in number of customers but bottom line revenues. You can have a lot of accounts but not all accounts are worth your time.

Contact me today to discuss your current situation, lets go over some of the accounts you have....Should you let some of those time consuming vending accounts go or could you invest your time and money into converting those same low income accounts into Three Square Market, money making Self Pay locations?  

Again - "What is your time and energy worth?"


Dave’s Dime 12/5/19 - self pay is everywhere

Breakout of the breakroom - breakout like you’re breaking out of jail!

Your plans for growth in 2020 should include Condos, Apartments and Hotels!  

As you are seeing...many retailers move to more and more "Self Pay" locations - why Not a Self Pay convenience store right where you live (??) Condos / Apartments and "Self pay" locations go hand in hand.   We have seen and uptick in interest from the above. 

Take that Condo location for instance.... using my knowledge of the Real Estate world, I can tell you by adding a Self pay location to a property is a great idea and is working very well for many of our operators already. Adding a Self Pay Convenience store to a condo or apartment property, is not only a value add to the people that live at the location but the owners and management of said properties. Taking one or two scattered traditional vending machines with limited products offered to an "on site convenience store" with everything from toiletries, Milk, Bread, fresh salads, sandwiches, healthy options and yes your much still desired junk foods as well. The on site convenience store adds value to the ownership, in the amenities that the property offers to its residents and is an added benefit to the residents to not have to get in there car and drive to the local grocery store for maybe one item or a quick meal or snack. 

Contact me today to discuss:  I would love to help you take that minimal dollars,"typical vending" account to a huge bottom line account. Lets grow your business in 2020 by adding  Three Square Market "Self Pay" convenience stores to what currently offer your customers. A phone call to me doesn't cost you anything but what I have to say on the above subject may just bring a big increase to your bank account!

A "Self Pay" convenience location at a condo or apartment location is a win win!

I look forward to your call.....

Dave Little - I can be reached by cell, text or email today.




Dave’s dime 11/4/19 - What’s coming in 2020

Let‘s talk 2020 goals in November

This  month,  as  are  many  business,  we  are  finalizing  our  2020  goals.    I  will  be  calling  you  to  review  what  you  plan  to  do  next  year  and  at  a  high  level,  introduce  some  new  buying  options  that  will  be  centered  around  you  achieving  your  goals.    Simply  put,  if  you  goal  is  to  open  six  new  locations,  I  will  have  incentive  program  for  you  to  get  to  nine  that  will  result  in  significant  savings  and  bottom  line  profit  increases.    

Why?  2019  has  brought  record  growth  for  32M.    With  that  growth  though  has  seen  losses  in  stores  from  sales  of  companies  to  Canteen.    We  are  not  interested  in  building  up  businesses  that  in  turn  sell  to  Canteen.    Thus,  our  2020  program  will  have  significant  savings  to  customers  willing  to  enter  long-term  agreements  along  with  incentives  to  reach  further  than  you  originally  may  have  planned.

My  role  as  your  business  advisor  is  to  help  you  find  the  real  potential  of  your  business  not  only  in  2020,  but  over  the  next  5-10  years.    I  am  here  to  help  you  construct  a  plan  and  business  structure  that  will  accelerate  that  growth  and  fuel  you  and  your  team.    My  30+  years  of  business  ownership  can  help  you  drive  results  further  than  you  ever  thought.    

And  last,  through  our  Success  Team  headed  up  by  Devin  Breihan,  you  will  be  seeing  buying  options  for  products,  services,  technology  and  more  PLUS  expertise  on  how  to  grow  your  business  to  new  levels  of  profitability.    

So...when  I  call,  ANSWER.    We  have  some  great  things  to  talk  about!

Three Square Market micro markets are a great way to improve and increase the revenue of your vending locations

Three Square Market micro markets are a great way to improve and increase the revenue of your vending locations 

Dave’s Dime 10/11/19 - What is the hurry


Time is money

I  spend  a  lot  of  time  looking  at  what  is  working  in  the  marketplace,  what  we  can  do  better,  what  I  can  help  you  with  and  more.    And  one  thing  I  see  that  really  makes  me  say  “my  clients  need  to  know  this”  is  this  notion  that  we  need  to  set  a  market  up  in  minutes.    I  saw  an  ad  today  that  said  “set  a  fixture  in  place  in  3  minutes”.    REALLY?    Time  is  money,  I  get  it  but  for  something  you  are  trying  to  build  a  relationship  with  a  customer,  what  impression  are  you  giving  and  really,  what  investment  are  you  making  in  yourself  in  rushing  through  a  set  up?    

Set a store for life, not to be torn down

That  same  competitor  keeps  talking  about  how  easy  it  is  to  take  a  fixture  down  and  move  it  to  another  location.    WHAT?    REALLY?      You  are  going  to  set  a  store  with  the  intention  that  it  will  close?    That  thinking  and  more  importantly,  that  ad,  is  stupid  advice.    It  is   MY  JOB,  my  RESPONSIBILITY  as  a  business  partner,  to  ensure  you  open  stores  that  are  successful  and  never  close.    Setting  a  store  with  equipment  that  you  can  take  back  down  in  a  few  minutes  is  simply  suggesting  that  you  will  fail.    Frankly,  I  see  anything  you  can  put  together  quickly  and  tear  down  quickly  as  something  I  throw  away  quickly  which  means  simply, it  is  garbage.    Do  you  want  to  trust  your  product  to  some  low  budget  look  and  quality?    In  my  book,   failure  and  low  quality  garbage  isn’t  an  option.    Let’s  set  your  stores  up  with  the  best  look  in  your  area,  run  your  technology  at  the  highest  level  using  our  Success  Team,  merchandise,  market  and  more  to  WIN  daily!

10% off TODAY - but you need to call me

If  you  are  reading  this  means  you  took  the  time  to  invest  in  our  partnership  and  want  to  learn  more  on  how  we  grow  our  businesses  together.    I  look  at  my  partnership  with  you  as  that,  a  business  partnership.    I  own  my  client  relationships  and  want  to  ensure  you  benefit  from  reading  this  every  week.     Call  me  today  and  say  “Dave,  I am  ready  to  take  you  up  on  your  dime”.    602-549-5971  -  call  me!

Dave Little,  a Regional Sales Manager for Three Square Market works from the Phoenix, AZ office

Dave’s Dime 10/3/19

Dave’s 3.2: Why I can make a difference

Three  plus  years  ago  I  met  Patrick  McMullan,  a  personal  friend  for  over  a  decade,  for  coffee  and  he  talked  about  the  growth  plans  for  32M.    He  was  driving  to  meet  someone  to  discuss  the  growth  plans  on  our  jail  business  and  said  “hold  on,  I  should  be  talking  to  Dave  NOW  as  he  is  someone  who  could  certainly  help  take  our  company  to  another  level.”    I  am  glad  we  had  that  coffee.

I  am  an  entreprenuer.    I  owned  the  Phoenix  office  supply  market  for  two  decades  building  a  one  person  company  in  to  the  largest  independent  supplier  of  office  equipment  in  Arizona.    As  Amazon  started  to  take  hold,  I  was  able  to  successfully  migrate  my  business  to  become  an  online  retailer  prior  to  selling  the  business  and  finding  my  next  challenge.    A  boy,  this  is  a  challenge  I  have  grown  to  love.

For  many  of  our  clients,  they  are  balancing  the  change  micro  markets  to  their  business  and  industry  with  still  maintaining  their  lives  and  goals.    While  I  am  certain  I  am  an  expert  on  our  technology,  the  latest  trends  in  the  self  service  market  and  more,  what  I  also  pride  myself  on  is  being  a  business  resource  for  you,  someone  who  understands  P&L’s,  balance  sheets,  banking  relationships,  logistics,  sales  and  more.    Ask  me  about  more  than  just  a  kiosk.    Someone  you  can  trust.    I  have  been  there.    I  successfully  made  over  my  business  and  made  it  miles  better  than  its’  previous  self.   I  can  do  the  same  for  you.

At  32M,  that  is  what  we  strive  to  do:  be  your  business  partner.    There  is  no  one  better  to  talk  to  about  this  than  me,  someone  who  has  been  that  leader  taking  on  giants  and  winning.    Follow  my  blog  here  on  32M  now  and  let  me  be  that  value  added  consultant.

Who is Dave Little?

Dave  is  originally  from  Illinois  but  now  is  a  lifer  in  Arizona,  having  moved  to  North  Scottsdale  over  30  years  ago.    He  and  his  wife  Kim  have  four  kids  including  twin  boys.

Why  Dave’s  Dime?  Some  people  say  “penny  for  your  thoughts”....Dave’s  expertise  is  worth  10x  that.

Dave  is  relentless  about  making  sure  you  are  happy  and  his  straight  forward  advice  is  a  welcome  insight  in  an  industry  full  of  competitors  who  simply  want  to  be  a  one  and  done  kiosk  sale.

Dave  covers  the  Western  U.S.  and  Canada.    Contact  Dave  by  calling/texting  602-549-5971.

We are your business partner, not just a kiosk provider. How?

Our Success Team sits side by side with you and drives results.     No  BS,  just  straight  forward  execution.    Ask  our  team  how  and  for  proof.