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Devin Says “Grow or Die”

Andy Whitehead says “it is time to cool down”

Andy Whitehead says “it is time to cool down”

Growth is an inevitable process in our vast but interconnected industry. As a business owner if you are not looking to grow, then you are simply waiting for business to die.  Let  me  ellaborate:

  • 2020 is the year of new opportunities and a year to differentiate yourself from your competition. 
  • As the private sector becomes more diluted the public facing market of 32market Self-Pay Solution becomes The Answer. Condos, Apartments, Malls, Airports and other brick and mortar locations are looking to fill the white space with a solution that adds value to the locations of where people Live, Work, and Play. 
  • Refresh the way you think as an operator by adding convenience to all aspects of your client’s lives. Add this thinking throughout your operation and double dip on your clientele base by not only servicing them at their workplace, but their places of entertainment and relaxation. 
  • Be the operator not afraid to think outside the box or here at 32 Market we say, “Smash the Box” and start anew. 2020 is the first year of a new decade so set the standard and build a business plan that not only creates a year of growth, but a decade of growth that fills your competition heart with fear, and lines your pockets with tons of green. Start today calling your designated business partner over at 32 Market….we are always here to take your call.


Andy Whitehead says “it is time to cool down”

Andy Whitehead says “it is time to cool down”

Andy Whitehead says “it is time to cool down”

Summer is fast approaching! Time to start thinking about rotating products, and adding summer features to your markets! Nothing beats an Ice Cold Lemonade, Iced Tea, or even Water on a hot summer day! 

Make some extra room in your cooler for a few more items such as those to boost sales. Water is also a good product to run a buy one get one deal on in the summer months. 

Fresh Fruit, Salads, and other items typically sell better in the hot summer months. No one wants to eat a heavy meal and be miserable when it's 80 degrees outside. Lighter fare like fruit cups and salads are also a healthier option to give to the locations employees.


Frozen options. Everyone is a kid at heart! Popsicles, Ice Cream Bars, Italian Ice, Frozen Yogurt are all amazing treats. Think about adding a Norm Tech Freezer to your location and sell these delightful products. The end user will thank you! 

Beat the heat with some cool treats this summer!  

Call  me  today  to  discuss  your  needs  further  at  833-32MARKET.


Nate Hove says “Horsepower”

Andy Whitehead says “it is time to cool down”

Nate Hove says “Horsepower”

Have  you  ever  driven  an  under-powered  4  cylinder  truck?  That  is  the  feeling  we  get  when  we  compare  Norm  to  our  competition  -  our  coolers  have  a  V8.    Let  me  explain:

  • Our Norm  coolers/freezers have more horsepower which helps with quicker pull down in temperature and a quicker recovery time. 
  • This is beneficial during those busy lunch rushes when the door is constantly being opened. Your beverages will stay cold and your food will stay fresh. 
  • Because our units have more horse power they do not have to work as hard to maintain temperature. 
  • You may associate more HorsePower with a noisy unit. NOT HERE! 
  • With  the  quiet  comes  energy  efficiency.    Our  recent  KWH  test  exceeded  standards  set  for  premium  refrigeration  units  that  sit  in  your  house,  but  at  a  cost  of  75%  less.    
  • And  we  have  our  Norm  Smart  Lock  which  truly    This  isn’t  a  dumb  lock  that  simply  locks  if  it  is  too  warm.    It  tells  you  when  your  coolers  are  working  harder,  when  you  should  consider  stocking  shelves  and  more.    
  • When  you  combine  all  of  the  pluses  of  our  units,  you  will  find  that  our  Norm  units  are  the  new  Norm  in  coolers  and  freezers.
  • Contact me today to further discuss. Call Nate at 651-343-4754.

Tune Up Time With James Witt

James, our Success Team Leader, talks about his upcoming webinar and how to clean up your business faster than your morning shave.

The Success Team

Devin Briehan, Three Square Market

Devin Breihan - Director of Store Success

Devin Breihan - Director of Store Success

Devin Breihan - Director of Store Success

Devin will lead you to  unprecedented growth.  He either impacts your bottom line profits and grows your sales or you don’t pay.  How? Maximizing rebates, lowering your COGS, running all promos and specials, to helping you drive customer loyalty.  Customers in this program have seen month over month sales jump over 30% AND COGS drop 10-15%. Call 833-32MARKET today to get started.  Contact  Devin  at


Andy Whitehead - U.S. Success Team Leader

Devin Breihan - Director of Store Success

Devin Breihan - Director of Store Success

Andy, also known as Gonzo, brings a blend of sales and operational excellence to your business.  He can help you grow by selling a store yet fix a kiosk problem in an instant.  He views the key to growing your business is ensuring you invest in your sales skill yet be a master of six areas of the 32M system.  He will help you do both. Call 833-32MARKET today to get started.    Contact  Andy  today  at or  by  calling  833-32MARKET.


Rachael Ostlund - Senior Account Executive

Rachael Ostlund - Senior Account Executive

Rachael Ostlund - Senior Account Executive

Rachael has become an incredible resource for our clients across the country.  Combining her dynamic personality with her superior service/technology skills, Rachael is universally loved by our clients. Rachael earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  She can be reached by calling our service team at 715-386-2233 or by emailing her at


James Witt - Senior Account Executive

Rachael Ostlund - Senior Account Executive

Rachael Ostlund - Senior Account Executive

James has been an invaluable resource for 32M clients across the globe.  James started servicing our international clients working overnights being the resource for our International group and their needs.  Recently, James  earned a promotion to the Success Team to become part of ensuring our clients are miles better in everything they do related to their stores.  James  can be reached by calling our service group number at 715-386-2233 or by emailing him at

Meet The Newest Success team members

Jack Bock, Account Executive

Dominic Schleif, Account Executive

Joey Eckhoff, Account Executive


Jack is a graduate of St. John’s University where he was a star athlete.    Jack  also  was  the  student  speaker  selected  by  his  classmates  at  college  graduation.  Jack started with Three Square as a summer intern and after learning the business in our U.S. Customer Service Group, Jack started  working  for  Three  Square  Market  in London with our international team for  over six months.    Jack  has  come  back  state-side  and  is  working  on  our  unattended  retail    stores, product  development  solutions and  with  our  coffee  operators.    

Reach  Jack  by  calling  715-386-2233  or  by  E-Mail:

Joey Eckhoff, Account Executive

Dominic Schleif, Account Executive

Joey Eckhoff, Account Executive


Joey graduated from St. John’s University and was also a star athlete for the Johnnies.  Joey also excelled in our internship program and as a service team member in the U.S.  Joey  started  last  summer  with  our  international  group  in  London  and  has been instrumental in developing our cabinetry solutions for our international customers.  Joey  is  now  back  state-side  and  is  working  extensively  with  our  marketing  group,  developing  new  product  solutions   and  on  our  unattended  retail  stores.

Reach  Joey  by  calling  715-386-2233  or  by  E-Mail:

Dominic Schleif, Account Executive

Dominic Schleif, Account Executive

Dominic Schleif, Account Executive


Similar  to  Jack  and  Joey,  Dominic  is  a   graduate  of  St.  John’s  University  where  he  was  an  outstanding  baseball  player.    Dom  started  immediately  contributing  in  a  major  way  being  the  point  person  for  the  launch  of  our  Norm  Technology  brand.    Dom,  who  is  fluent  in  numerous  languages,  coordinated  all  aspects of  the  product  development  of  the  Norm  coolers  and  freezers.    Dom  continues  to  be  heavily  involved  with  Norm  while  also  developing  several  new  programs  for  the  32M  Team.    You  can  reach  Dom  by  calling  715-386-2233  or  by  E-Mail:

is it time for a mini market at your busy locations?

If your store is doing >$4500 monthly - it is time!

Why  has  self  pay  popped  up  at  every  major  retailer  in  the  country?    CONVENIENCE.    At  that  fast  and  easy  experience  IS  the  experience  your  customers  are  expecting  with  your  convenience  solutions  and  if  you  have  a  store  where  sales  are  being  slowed  because  you  don’t  have  enough  kiosks  to  check  out,  you  have  two  options:  1)  mobile  app  growth  and  2)  a  mini  market.

We  want  to  work  with  you  to  grow  mobile  but  at  $2995,  what  is  pictured  here  can  be  added  to  your  location.    A  kiosk,  cooler  and  2  foot  fixture  For  $2995  is  unmatched  in  the  industry.    Your  ROI will  be  months  and  your  incremental  sales  15-18%  based  upon  new  deployments  in  similar  locations  in  2019.

Contact  your  sales  executive  today  at  833-32MARKET  today  to  learn  more.    


Live chat is live - always been there .... are you using it?

In this world of multi-tasking, many of our operators have found that using our technology allows them to multi-task and this includes when they need service.  This means they are using our live chat feature where they can go on-line on their mobile phone or desk top computer and interact back and forth with our service team to answer  their  questions.  

Why?  Because some people don’t like to talk on the phone.  Others may not have the ability to talk at that time thus this is a great option.  And last, this is incredibly helpful when you  have  questions in the admin system as the chat participant is able to send screen shots of what they are working  on.

Our chat service is only available during normal business hours.  To start a chat session,  see  the  example  in  the  picture  to  the  right.    When  you  are  logged  in  to  your  admin  portal,  if  the  icon  in  the  lower  right  hand  corner  says  ”Chat”,  as  shown,  click  on  it  and  start  typing  away.    

Our  team  is  here  to  help  you  be  your  best  in  2020.    We  look  forward  to  chatting  soon.


Energy from Andy - January, 2020

Time = Money

We all know that.     Inventory = Boring.    We defintely all know that.      However....Poor Inventory = Loss of Money.    This is something we should all know.    Keeping track of inventory and orders on hand written sheets?     Looking at negative numbers in Inventory Management and zeroing them out every time you stock the market?    Bringing your entire inventory with you, running to the truck to grab product left and right?  Not doing inventory at all?    I hate to say this, but... YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

Trying to run your market in the above mentioned ways, or a combination of these, is time consuming. It is also VERY difficult to keep track of  any theft you may have going on. You could be losing hundreds of dollars worth of product a month  and you'd never even know it.

Keeping inventory can be a time consuming task right off the bat. But, trust me, it is worth the leg work. Once you get a good accurate count of your inventory in the system, I can, and WILL show you how our inventory management can  automate ordering to keep your inventory as accurate as possible.    Once your inventory is accurate, you can focus on the small details. Missing bag of chips here and there?    Energy Drinks always running low, and you could have swore your driver brough extra last time?    How about that new flavor of Shrimp Flavored chips you were absolutely sure was going to sell out?  A well kept inventory will alert you to theives, and if a product is moving or not.  As an added plus, you can keep track of your Profit and Loss for end of year tax purposes.

Spend the extra time to get inventory right.     KNOW YOUR INVENTORY  through  pars, automatic ordering, and pre-kitting. Inventory can be a breeze with Three Square Markets backend management.

Time  =  Money.    Spending  your  energy  and  time  so  you  are  maximizing  your  money.    


Energy from Andy - December, 2020

Bang, Rockstar and MORE Power Drinks - taking the market by storm!

I've been hitting the road a lot this last month for trade shows, and stopping in on some operators to see how things are going. I am somewhat of a foodie, and I do love the caffeine. My mornings typically start out with a Cold Press coffee with a few extra shots of espresso.  That being said, when I cant stop and get my coffee, the next best thing is an energy drink. I have tried a lot of these Super Go Go Juice in a Can, and while some are great and others not so much, I prefer Bang Energy from VPX (sounds like I am a spokes person for the company haha).   Patrick,  our  President,  prefers  Rockstar,  in  particular  the  Orange  flavored  Recovery  drink.

The handful of operators I have stopped to see, some have Bang in their markets, others have not heard of it. The ones that are carrying this product are starting to see this product creep up on the staples in terms of sales, and fast! Monster, Red Bull. Rockstar, Bang...they  all  move  off  the  shelf.    Our interns in the office, over the summer, that is all I saw in their hands -  ENERGY  drinks.  Even some of our sales team *cough* Dave and myself *cough* have been seen drinking these. 

These  booming  beverages  come  in  all  kinds  of  different drink flavors including  Coffee, Tea, Energy Shots  and  more. Some flavors are a little over the top, and too sweet for my liking, like Birthday Cake Bash or Rainbow Unicorn. But the straight forward flavors are pretty good! Blue Razz, Pina Colada, and Cherry Blade Lemonade are solid bets for placing in your markets. 

The  bottom  line,  energy  drinks have  gone  from  a  blip  on  the  radar  to  a  $6  BILLION,  yes,  not  an  M,  but  a  B,  $6  Billion  business  in  less  than  a  decade.    Ensure  you  have  these  power  up  drinks  in  your  markets  today.

Be  Energized!


There is more to micro markets and self-pay store than the "sugars and salts" we provide convenience products like batteries, cords, and every day products.

There is more to micro markets and self-pay store than the "sugars and salts" we provide convenience products like batteries, cords, and every day products.

How are we growing companies? Below is what we do!

Operators can shop Three Square Market at


All of our customers in the top 10 of sales/store deploy combos, rewards, coupons and loyalty programs.  ALL. OF. THEM.  Over  78%  of  customers  who  visit  fast  food  restaurants  buy  a  combo  meal.    If  you  don’t  offer  them,  78%  of  your  purchases  are  MISSING  this  opportunity.    Our most recent operator deployed these and saw their sales increase 5.8% in one month on over 30 stores.


Deploying promos from suppliers and our buying group, feature products are growing incremental sales.

Free products and fills

Suppliers want their new products in your stores and are willing to give them to you to make this happen.  Furthermore, they will even give you merchandising equipment to feature them prominently.

Use the kiosk

The kiosk has all sorts of capabilities to drive your product sales through ads, pop up suggestions and more.  Use it.  Ask our Success Team to help you.

Let us do it for you! Rebates, promos, combos and more!

You don’t have time to track your rebates? Create promos? Combos?  Are you a small operation and need us to be your next employee?  Hire us.  If we don’t grow your revenues, you don’t pay.  We are ready NOW to get started growing your revenues!