Patrick’s 3.2 To Start Your Week - March 30, 2020

Listen to Patrick’s latest thoughts on the COVID-19 Crisis, how it is effecting stores and how we are helping this week.

Daily Message from 32M - March 24, 2020

Hear the latest from our President, Patrick McMullan, how to navigate these unprecedented times. 

Maintain and Grow

During this dynamic time, some operators are seeing 25+% growth in same store sales. How? Watch, learn and take action. 

We are in this together

To ensure you have continued confidence in our business continuity, please take a minute to view our latest message from Patrick. 

Let’s Navigate This Together

Listen to our President, Patrick McMullan, discuss how to help your business to both navigate this storm but  emerge stronger than ever. 

A message to all three square clients from patrick Mcmullan

During these unprecedented times, we stand with our business partners in helping you navigate the storm.  Please watch this message and look for others this week as we help you during this dynamic time.

Where is 32M Going to be NOW

Three Square Market 46 kiosk

2020 User Conference - August 12-14, 2020

Mark.  Your.  Calendars.    August  12-14,  2020  in  our  headquarters  in  the  outer  ring  suburbs  of  Minneapolis-St.  Paul,  the  best  summer  town  in  America,  plan  on  joining  us  for  our  annual  user  conference.    

NAMA - MAY 5-8, 2020 - NASHVILLE, TN

This show has been postponed.  

Later in 2020

NACS - October, 2020

ACE - October, 2020

CAMA - September, 2020

Multi Family Expo - November, 2020


This  show  has  been  postponed.