My talk with a long time vip client and friend, jim carlson

Don’t Wait - Make Sure to Rotate

I  have  been  friends  with  Jim  Carlson,  owner  of  A&H  Vending  in  Grand  Forks,  ND,  for  decades.    We  have  grown  together  in  the  evolution  of  the  marketplace  from  vending  to  self  pay  /  breakroom  markets.    I  thank  Jim  for  his  confidence  in  Three  Square  Market  and  myself  in  being  his  partner  in  growing  his  business.

Jim  has  seen  his  business  grow  in  leaps  and  bounds  the  last  five  plus  years  since  he  converted  his  business  to  markets.    Still  today,  he  finds  himself  learning  how  to  continue  the  upward  trends  of  his  locations  and  today,  I  discussed  with  him  several  of  these  items  and  here  are  his  pointers  and  insights  to  his  continued  success:

Rotate:  First  of  all,  moving  product  around  in  your  market  is  something  all  companies  have  been  doing  in  our  segment  since  it  started.    What  I  am  finding  that  is  helping  me  grow  incremental  sales  in  my  food  offerings  is  rotating  flavors  AND  brands.    Consumers  like  variety  and  will  tire  of  the  same  product  over  and  over.    A  slight  change  in  taste  in  a  turkey  sandwich  means  they  keep  buying  -  rotate,  rotate,  rotate.

Energy:  The  days  of  diet  sodas  dominating  sales  are  over.    Energy  drinks  are  everywhere  and  they  race  off  the  shelves  daily.    Load  your  warehouse  with  multiple  varieties  and  flavors  and  ensure  you  use  32M’s  technology  to  tell  you  what  is  selling.

Boutique  brands:    Make  your  location  a  destination  for  quality  products  produced  by  smaller,  less-known  brands.      Craft  beers  are  the  fastest  growing  segment  in  liquor  sales  for  a  reason  -  people  love  to  enjoy  specialized  products.    That  is  no  different  in  markets.    Be  a  destination  for  locally  produced  products,  smaller  brands,  craft  sodas  and  more  and  watch  them  fly  off  the  shelf.

Small  markets:  When  Kurk  and  I  began  this  journey  in  markets,  the  entire  industry  shied  away  from  small  locations.    Today,  smaller  locations  are  my  best.    Between  loyalty,  easier  to  identify  trends  and  virtually  no  theft,  these  accounts  are  increasing  my  sales  in  most  cases  500%  vs.  vending.    

Invest:  Do  NOT  cut  corners  when  it  comes  to  your  market.    Invest in  a  kiosk  that  over  fits  the  market  -  don’t  think  that  saving  a  few  bucks  on  a  small  unit  will  save  you  money  long  term.    A  small  kiosk  means  you  skimped  and  your  clients  see  that.    Invest  in  fixtures  like  32M  provides.    You  will  get  your  ROI  back  2x  as  fast  vs. going  low-budget.    Do  you  buy  from  the  monster  convenience  store  or  the  one  that  has  a  minimal  offering  and  hasn’t  updated  their  stores  in  decades?  Same  applies  in  our  stores.    

Rewards/Combos:  32M  has  been  discussing  this  with  operators  since  they  started.    Learn  their  technology  and  use  it  and  start  with  their  inventory  system  and  master  how  to  use  combos  and  rewards.    Customers  love  loyalty  programs  and  the  perception  of  getting  a  deal  -  do  it  -  you  will  not  regret  it.

Jim  and  I  talked  for  nearly  an  hour  and  if  you  want  to  hear  more  about  his  success  and  how  a  $1200  vending  location  for  less  than  100  people  became  a  $6,000  monthly  market  account,  call  me.    Thanks  Jim  for  your  friendship  and  loyalty.


Legendary thoughts for february 2020


2020 is off to a record start for 32M.  We asked The Legend Kurk Johnson why.

Why such a great start to the year?

The record start to 2020 is fresh off a record Q4, 2019.  Operators are taking  action on what we have worked with them on for years.  I believe that they have developed the discipline necessary in making the time to use the technology that we it is designed and they are seeing the returns on their time investment.  Thus, with that time, they are seeing better results which means the ability to grow more.

What are operators doing now that they maybe were not before?

Using promos, rewards and coupons.  Their stores are increasing in sales significantly, some as high as 20%.  If they can’t do it themselves, our Success Team will do it for them and it is working VERY well.

What is your favorite product to discuss?

While it is a year old, I love our 46 kiosk.  It is a game changer.  You walk in the room and it commands your attention.  You can run promos, birthday announcements, heck even pictures of your kids and grandkids on it if you wanted to.  Compare it to anything out there - there is no comparison.

Do you see this record trend continuing?

Yes.  We have evolved 32M to expand beyond the breakroom and our clients are maximizing that directive.  Our stores outside the breakroom are crushing the ones that are in it.  Autonomous shopping will be a staple of society over the next decade and we are thrilled to be a leader in it and as a result, sales will only continue to boom.

What do you think was the trigger point for this explosion of growth?

Our User Conference last summer.  Our clients came to learn and apply.  They did exactly that and it took off unlike anytime I have seen in our industry.  

Kurk Johnson is a legend in the self service industry.  From games and ATM’s, to vending and self pay stores, Kurk has opened thousands of locations across the country.  Kurk is an expert in all aspects of the self service industry.  You can reach Kurk at 833-32MARKET or by email at

Legendary thoughts for december, 2019

Can’t wait for 2020

Unlike  any  time  in  my  venture  in  the  vending  and  self  pay  business,  I  have  never  been  this  excited  about  a  business  year.    We  are  hitting  on  all  cylinders  and  with  our  Norm  line,  STU  products,  award  winning  kiosks  and  our  system  never  performing  better,  32M  has  never  been,  and  I  have  never  been,  in  a  better  position  to  start  the  year.

2019  has  seen  a  significant  and  record  growth  for  many  of  my  operators  and  the  company.    Our  successful  operators  are  doing  the  things  we  have  been  working  on  for  years  and  now  they  are  seeing  results  unseen  their  company  history.    What  are  those  things?    Combos,  coupons,  non  food  products,  specials,  new  product  features  and  USING  the  system  the  way  it  is  designed.    And  lastly,  they  know  their  numbers:  they  know  what  their  sales  are  per  employee  and  they  spend  their  time  ensuring  they  use  our  admin  system  reports  to  grow  that  number.

2020  will  also  mean  I  can  provide  you  a  one-stop  shop.    I’m  Kurk,  I  have  been  doing  this  for  a  long  time  and  I  have  always  been  able  to  provide  you  a  product.    But,  2020  is  different.    We  have  the  industry  best  cooler  and  freezer  line  set  to  dominate  2020  and  beyond.    Our  Norm  products  are  ones  we  took  input  from  numerous  customers  across  the  country,  custom  built  them  to  those  requests  and  now,  we  have  nearly  a  hundred  happy  clients  and  counting.   

So  what  can  I  offer  you  in  reading  this  to  make  a  difference  in  your  2020  plans:    Mini  markets,  retail  and  WINNING.    We  will  be  announcing  a  new  price  on  our  mini  market  COMPLETE  solution  -  yes,  a  checkout,  cooler  and  fixture  solution  -  that  will  make  you  stop  and  say  “I  am  acting  now”.    Why  mini’s?    Because  there  are  so  many  smaller  locations  out  there  that  our  operators  using  mini  markets  are  having  significant  success  with.    Most  operators  have  more  smaller  locations  than  big  ones  but  have  ignored  focusing  revenue  growth  on  the  smaller  locations.    Change  that  this  year.    Take  your  smaller  location  and  add  20%  to  it.    What  impact  would  it  have?    Mini  markets  will  do  that.    Act  NOW.

Retail:    You  have  read  it  from  us  for  months,  in  fact  almost  a  year.   Self  pay  retail  is  already  here  and  if  you  are  not  in  it,  you  are  missing  the  boat  like  missing  the  stock  market  since  2017.    You  were  afraid  of  markets  and  now  look  where  they  are.   Self  pay  was  a  horror  film  when  it  started  and  now  it  is  in  every  major  retailer  in  the  nation.    Join  NOW!    See  2-3x  top  line  revenue  if  not  more.

WIN!  The  potential  for  your  business  is  what  you  make  it.    If  you  want  to  do  something,  ask  me  to  help  you  do  it.   When  you  do  it,  we  do  it.    Your  goals  are  my  goals.    Don’t  be  afraid  of  any  competitor  -  take  them  right  on.   Let  my  experience  go  to  work  in  building  our  partnership  to  new  heights.

Contact  me  at  any  time  at  833-32MARKET  and  let’s  get  started  on  the  best  year  in  your  business  NOW!


Legendary thoughts for November 4, 2019

Kurk, the legend Johnson, Three Square Market VP of Sales

I am going to be calling you to discuss 2020 goals

2020  is  right  in  front  of  us.    I  have  a  lot  of  new  things  we  will  be  rolling  out  the  last  60  days  of  the  year  that  I  am  sure  you  will  be  interested  in.

What is your potential?

Patrick  McMullan,  Dave  Little,  Devin  Breihan  and  I  have  spent  significant  time  the  last  month  answering  this  question:  What  is  the  potential  of  32M  in  2020?  2022?  2025?  We  have  broken  this  down  to  the  operator  level  based  upon  where  you  sit,  opportunities  in  your geographical  area  and  more.    I  want  to  go  through  my  thoughts  and  work  with  you  on  a  plan  to  help  you  achieve  what  we  see  you  can  do.


Weekly  we  have  a  customer  who  calls  us  and  says  “I  have  an  order  and  I  need  it  tomorrow”.    Those  orders  are  often  rushed  and  we  are  able  to  get  them  shipped  in  24-48  hours  including  a  full  set  of  fixtures.    However,  this  is  not  something  that  we  can  always  do  and  it  often  leaves  the  client  with  a  promise  they  can’t  deliver  on.    To  help  with  this,  we  are  working  with  our  lending  partners  on  180  day  0%  financing  programs.    Combine  that  with  deals  on  buying  multiple  stores,  kiosks  and  cooler/freezer  combinations  that  all  can  ship  on  one  trailer  load  will  allow  you  to  bring  the  equipment  in  for  your  2020  goals  and  not  have  them  be  a  drain  on  your  cash  let  alone  cost  you  more  in  interest.    

Answer the phone

Thus,  I  ask  that  you  answer  the  phone  as  I  call  to  set  a  time  to  go  through  your  goals.    I  am  excited  about  these  new  features  and  look  forward  to  going  through  them  with  you.

Legendary thoughts - October 11, 2019

Change is AWESOME!

As  I  have  told  anyone  that  listens,  I  proudly  have  had  only  three  jobs  in  my  career.    I  believe  loyalty  is  like  a  dog  who  never  leaves  your  side  -  and  that  is  who  I  am,  a  loyal  business  partner  who  will  help  see  you  through  the  good  and  challenging  times.    

Technology  and  self  service  has  completely  changed  our  industry.    I  have  had  to  re-learn  my  entire  role  in  this  business  multiple  times,  even  since  I  took  on  my  role  here  at  Three  Square  Market.    And  every  time  I  change,  I  find  more  success  for  you  as  partners,  our  company,  and  myself.

My  best  advice  I  wanted  to  stress  this  week  is  in  two  areas:  recommended  pars  and  knocking  down  the  breakroom  walls.    

  • Recommended  Pars:    I  travel  and  see  many  of  my  clients  and  their  stores.    Before  each  visit and  phone  call,   I  review  everything  about  that  client  from  their  sales  per  store,  tickets,  system  usage  and  more.    When  I  see  their  stores,  I  already  know  what  I  will  physically  view  before  even  walking  in  based  upon  how  they  use  the  system.    Why?  If  they  don’t  use  recommended  pars,  an  operator  is  relying  on  human  mindset  to  ensure  that  market  is  full.    There  are  so  many  factors   that  could  influence  the  human  decision  -  why  do  that?    Pictured  to  the  right  is  a  robot  that  Walmart  deploys.    Click  and  enlarge  this  photo  and  read  what  it  says  it  does.    It  says  “we  have  this  robot  scanning  shelves  to  ensure  they  are  full”.    How  much  do  you  think  this  costs?    Well,  as  part  of  your  monthly  royalty  fee,  our  technology  will  tell  you  all  of  this  and  not  require  you  spend  probably  $250,000  on  a  robot.    USE.  THE.  TECHNOLOGY.    If  you  are  struggling  with  it,  that  is  what  our  Success  Team  is  for.    USE.  THEM.
  • Breakdown  the  breakroom  wall:    I  think  the  biggest  mistake  our  industry  made  was  calling  micromarkets,  micro markets.    They  are  self  pay  stores.    Walk  down  the  street  and  ask  anyone  if  they  know  what  a  micro  market  is?    I  bet  you  $100  that  over  80%  of  them  will  say  ”no”.    If  you  ask  someone  what  a  self  pay  store  is,  I  bet  over  90%  will  say  “yes”  and  furthermore begin  to  talk  about  whether  they  like  it  or  not.    As  an  industry,  we  have  been  pioneers  for  self  checkout.    Long  before  Walmart  lined  their  checkout  aisles  with  self  checkout  technology,  vending  companies  were  changing  breakrooms  over  by  the  100’s  every  single  month  to  self  pay  markets.    First,  get  rid  of  the  term  micromarket  from  your  vocabulary.    And  second,  start  looking  at  our  self  pay  market  solution  in  retail  settings  NOW.    Why?    Their  sales  are  3-4x  your traditional  breakroom  market .    Additionally,  if  Walmart  is  willing  to  go  nearly  80%  self  pay  now,  IT  WORKS!    Click  on  the  Self  Pay  Store  icon  above  and  get  started  CHANGING  your  business.

Last,  THANK YOU. I sincerely appreciate your business.  

Kurk, the legend, Johnson, Three Square Market VP of Sales

The Legend Speaks

Kurk’s 3.2: Our 46 kiosk is changing an industry - again

I  have  been  in  this  great  industry  for  over  40  years.    It  is  my  life.    Other  than  spending  time  with  my  wonderful  wife  of  40+  years,  Diana,  and  my amazing  kids,  spouses  and  grand  kids,  there  isn’t  anything  else  I  would  rather  do  than  help  our  business  partners  grow.    And,  this  week,  I  find  myself  proudly  working  in  a  sector  of  our  industry  I  have  worked  for  much  of  my  career  with,  the  visually  impaired.    And  this  week,  I  don’t  know  that  I  have  ever  been  prouder  of  representing  a  product  than  our  Three  Square  Market  ADA  /  accessible  46  kiosk.

Since  32M  started  in  the  market  industry,  we  have  worked  relentlessly  to  be  the  first  to  market  with  nearly  every  innovation  now  a  standard  in  this  business, started  by  our  team.    Whether  it  be  our  patented  mobile  app,  the  Red  X,  the  biggest  screen  in  the  business,  to  now  being  the  first  system  accessible  at  the  kiosk,  mobile  app  and  admin  software,  32M  will  always  be  the  leader,  never  a  follower.    

This  past  Winter,  Nicky  Gacos,  Zach  Snow  and  Chris  Ingram,  leaders  in  the  visually  impaired  community,  braved  cold  and  snow  to  work  with  our  team.    They  challenged  us  to  improve  some  areas  and  we  executed.    Now,  we  have  received  the  endorsement  by  numerous  states  agencies  as  the  only  system  to  be  ready  to  help  any  customer.

I  am  honored  to  be  attending  the  mini-BLAST  convention  at  the  Vistar  show  here  in  NJ  displaying  and  discussing  our  game  changing  technology.    I  am  proud  to  be  able  to  say  we  can  service  any  client,  either  consumer  or  employee,  and  allow  them  to  experience  and  utilize  our  system.   Stop  by  our  booth  or  call  me  at  any  time  to  discuss  your  goals  and  as  I  have  for  over  40  years,  I  will  deliver  a  solution  that  works  miles  better.

Who is The Legend

Kurk  Johnson  is  the  VP-Sales  for  Three  Square  Market.    A  40+  year  Hall  of  Famer  in  the  industry,  Kurk  boasts  proudly  that  he  has  had  3  jobs  in  his  career.    

Kurk  has  been  married  to  the  love  of  his  life,  Diana  Johnson,  for  over  40  years.    Kurk  resides  in  the  southwestern  Twin  Cities.    Kurk has  two  beautiful  daughters  whose  families  he  loves  dearly.    If  Kurk  is  not  busy  working  with  his  32M  clients,  he  is  busy  being  a  Grandpa,  Father  and  Husband.   

Kurk  covers  the  Eastern  U.S.  and  Canada,    Contact  Kurk  calling/texting  612-867-4966.

What Can Our Team Do For You?

Our Success Team is helping customers see an immediate top line and bottom line growth.