april warrior challenge: day 9 daily 3.2

How bad do you want to be successful?


Welcome to another Daily 3.2! Lauren here! 

The message I want to share with you today is about success. This message comes from a motivational speaker by the name of Eric Thomas. The message in this video is one that has stuck with me for a long time. This is the video I would watch before every volleyball game I played in high school and college. I could quote you the whole video (don't worry I won't). You might be thinking okay, stop reliving your glory days and second what does this have to do with business? Well, first I will forever be cheering on CSBSJU!! And second, a lot more than you might think. True, most times I see this speech voiced over in a video it is about playing a sport or training for a sporting event. But, I think Thomas' message goes far beyond that and much of his advice can be taken into our businesses and daily lives. In the speech he says, "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful." Too dramatic? I don't think so ... and here is why: 

1. Willing to sacrifice. If all you want to do is be successful then you will be willing to sacrifice whatever it is that is holding you back from success. Whether that is an extra hour of sleep in the morning, a person who doesn't believe in what you are doing, your current negative mindset, or whatever it is in your life that you notice is holding you back. Give it up, sacrifice it for your success. 

2. Put in work. Get better, whether you are looking for success in your business, or you want more successful relationships or you want to run a marathon, put in the work to improve your skills and make it happen. Success is often a long hard road, rarely if ever does it happen overnight. Be willing to put in whatever it takes to achieve your goals. 

3. Don't hold yourself back. If you listen to the video you'll hear Thomas describe the guy walking out into the water. But he is hesitant and almost gives up. He is scared of what might happen and almost lets his doubt overpower his drive. Don't let yourself doubt the skills and drive you have. Oftentimes a big thing holding us back from success is ourselves by assuming we don't have what it takes. 

As you can see the above ideas of course relate to sports, but they also relate to business and life in general. The ability to be successful is within all of us. But that doesn't mean it wont take a lot of grit, grind and dedication to get there. Because, to truly be successful you have to not only want it, but WORK for it. So, how bad do you want to be successful? 

April Warrior Challenge: Day 8 Daily 3.2

It Starts With a Thought - James Witt Says It All

Today I wanted to write about habits.  Habits are something that we all have within our lives, some are good, and some are bad.  Habits are part of our everyday routines. Habits define us.  Habits create who we are as individuals.  Habits develop our character.

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.

I find this quote to be very powerful, and sometimes, a bit intimidating.  We all have the desire to be excellent, but it does not come with the flip of a switch.  Excellence is something that builds over time and is only gained by developing the proper habits.  

In the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey says, “Sow a thought, reap an action, sow an action, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character, reap a destiny”.  I love this quote because it breaks down the process of how to develop strong character into the simplest form, which in turn leads to excellence.

January 1st comes around every year, and we all create our New Year’s resolutions.  The list of habits that are going to change us into the person we have always wanted to be.  It all seems so easy writing these new habits down until we actually have to perform them.  The first month is easy.  You have a sense of purpose and it is new enough, so the tasks still enjoyable.  Did you know that fitness gym attendance grows by over 60% in the first week in January compared to the previous 60 days?  And within 13 days, the new 60% of visitors drops nearly 75%!  As the next few months come around, you begin to fall off course and stray away from the healthy new habits you were once so excited about.  Pretty soon, April comes around and you are the exact same person that you were on December 31st.  What happened to the great new habits you were forming?  Where did all the progress you had made go?

This April, we are living in unprecedented times.  Our daily routines and habits have gone out the window.  But I challenge you to take this time to dig in.  Take this time to start fresh.  Take this time to develop the habits that you have always wanted, the ones that will allow you to achieve excellence.  There is no better time than now, hit the reset button, and lay out a plan for who you want to be and what you want to achieve.  

Today starts the journey.  The destination is who YOU want to be.  Develop the habits that will translate to character, that will translate to excellence.  Remember, it begins with a simple “thought”.  


James Witt is a Senior Account Executive for 32M, a leader on our Success Team and a 32M Warrior!

april warrior challenge: day 7 Daily 3.2

  Katy's Daily 3.2 

Hi guys, 

I don’t do video … so you’ll have to deal with my ramblings through text. If you know me, you know that Gary Vee is my spirit animal. We think alike, our work crosses a lot of the same paths (probably intentionally on my part but who could blame me), and he curses like a sailor (which I love). He motivates me. 

If you don’t know Gary Vee aka Gary Vaynerchuk, you should get to know him … at least a little. If you look up “Ask Gary Vee” on YouTube, you’ll find hundreds of videos – probably 1000’s, and he has A LOT of advice. The piece of advice I would like to draw to your attention to today is … Love what you do. 

This resonates with me so much because I’ll be honest – the job I had before coming to Three Square Market and TurnKey Corrections, I hated it. I would wake up dreading work and go to bed dreading the next day. I would go into the weekends miserable that it would only last two days and then it would be back to the job I loathed.  Yes, loathed! I finally was just done. I couldn’t live my life like that every day. 

Somehow, maybe by fate, I found a job online that matched a lot of my passions. It was in an industry that I knew very little about; for a company, I knew nothing about and could find nothing online about. It was only part-time and paid practically minimum wage, but I took a chance. And honestly, they took a chance on me. 

You see, Patrick & Todd & Tim had been doing this thing without a real emphasis on marketing/design for years, and they’d been successful enough.  But they dreamed about growing (like they do today, and will still years from now) and knew they needed someone to help make their visions, well graphics/designs/etc. come to life.  They took a chance on me and 7 years later … here we are! 

The day I started, heck the first two weeks, no one knew what to do with me and I didn’t know what to do.  But we were all diligent in trying to find a rhythm and a way to communicate – eventually, it clicked. I feel so incredibly lucky that I happened upon this job, and even more lucky that these once strangers believed in me enough to let me grow a side of their business that they had never had before. 

Love what you do, and that love and passion for your work will take you places. The happiness I feel for my work allows me to do my best every day whether I feel lousy, or my kids are driving me crazy (come on parents, you know what I’m talking about), or the day's project isn’t my favorite … I know that when I wake up tomorrow, I still get to do a job I truly enjoy. 

If you aren’t happy in your situation, make a change … today!!! It doesn’t always have to be as drastic as finding a new job, but if it is, then do it. Change can subtle from your workspace to your mindset – to how you perform your work tasks. Ask yourself what makes you happy? What do you enjoy? What can you change?  

And if you are happy, remember it ... put that energy into your job and use it to your advantage. You’ll never regret loving your job. You’ll never regret putting yourself in the position to be happier, every day! 

Here’s a great clip about being motivated by your passions … forewarning, I told you Gary loves to curse 😊 


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